A Primer on Global Data Privacy Laws

The Covid-19 pandemic has emerged as a gamechanger for the “Digital Age.” The pandemic caused an explosion in the amount of data that was generated and consumed globally. Indeed, dependence on technology has increased multifold. The issues that cropped up out of this explosion highlight some of the critical problems that the future holds for internet and data governance. The greatest challenge is to create a viable legal governance framework that can keep pace with the ever changing and evolving technology.

We need to rethink the “Data is the new Oil” analogy. Yes, data has become the most valuable resource…

Decoding Pune’s Role in the Export Story of India


Today, the world economy is undergoing many changes and the focus on exports is increasing. It is necessary to create an ecosystem that will encourage local companies to explore global business prospects as well as encourage foreign companies to set up their units in the country, that will contribute to domestic manufacturing and exports.

Pune has immense potential to become the export hub of the country. According to the data put out by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for December 2020, Pune ranked first in Maharashtra’s district-wise exports, with exports worth Rs. 5,929 crores.

It is home to some…

> All changes in rate of Customs duty take effect from 2nd February 2021, unless otherwise stated.

> The remaining legislative changes would come into effect only upon the enactment of the Finance Bill, 2021.

Important Amendments in the Customs Act, 1962

1. IGCR Rules have been amended to allow job work on imported goods and also to allow disposal of goods at payment of duty on depreciated value.

2. Section 25 of the Customs Act, 1962 to be amended prescribing that all conditional exemptions, unless otherwise specified or varied or rescinded, shall come to an end on 31st March…

The global economy is struggling to get back on its feet and gasping at every step to get back into the growth trajectory. International trade plays a major role in helping the global economy stabilize and exponentially grow. In this context, exporters need measures that will boost their productions and improve their cost effectiveness to remain competitive in the global market.

The Indian Government has been looking at various avenues to provide incentives to the Industry, particularly to the exporters. Schemes like Status Holder Incentive Scrip Scheme, Star Export House Scheme, Focus Product Scheme, Market linked focus product scheme etc…

How businesses are leveraging technology in the field of HR

In today’s digital landscape, the domain of human resources (HR) is undergoing a massive transformation. Many organisations are incorporating technology in their HR operations, leading to a trend of HR-tech. In simple words, HR tech uses a host of software solutions including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to gain key insights from data, to drive the HR processes.

The application of technology in HR is a strategic advantage for companies as it improves resource efficiency, creates transparency in business processes, ensures a hassle-free user experience as well as contributes to creating a positive work culture.

Building for the future of Pune

(This article is written by Mr. Prashant Girbane, Director General, MCCIA and was published in the Hindustan Times on 30th January 2021.)

Hinjewadi employs more than four lakh people serving in the IT-ITES sectors. Pune district employs approximately 16 lakh salaried people. That makes Hinjewadi’s contribution to jobs in the district very significant at one in four. The industrial estate is spread over 3000 acres of MIDC and private land. A few hundred units in Hinjewadi contribute to exports of more than fifty thousand crores. …

The New Area of Focus for Organisations

The significance of sustainability in business has grown in recent years. Sustainable organisations follow the concept of a triple bottom line. The term triple bottom line was coined by John Elkington, the founder of a British consultancy firm SustainAbility in 1994, and refers to three things-profits, people, and the planet. These businesses take into account the social and environmental impact of their actions while measuring profits. Thus, along with focusing on revenues, they also focus on the responsible use of natural resources and on enabling the local communities to harness their potential.

A quick guide on the Udyam registration process

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has launched a new process called Udyam Registration for classification and registering of MSMEs on 1st July 2020.

In simple terms, Udyam Registration is as important to every MSME in India as an Aadhar Card is to every citizen of the country. The Udyam Portal is a platform that promotes ease of doing business in the country. It provides a quick and seamless process of registering and also makes it easier for enterprises to avail the government schemes.

Before the Udyam Portal was launched, the process of registration was tedious and time-consuming…

Interview with Mr. Raman Nanda, Founder and CEO, STEP Transformations

The importance of family businesses has grown significantly over the last few years. Many family businesses have stepped beyond their existing footprint to build and acquire companies in new industries and new geographies, across the world. Mr. Raman Nanda, Founder and CEO, STEP Transformations in conversation with Mr. Sudhanwa Kopardikar, Director, MCCIA shares how family businesses should tackle the challenges they face.

Interview with Dr. Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems

Companies like Persistent Systems are the backbone of the data ecosystem in the country. After 30 years of advising companies in areas related to data on various fronts, Persistent has gathered a unique perspective on the data story of Pune. Dr. Anand Deshpande in conversation with the MCCIA team shares the inspiring journey of Persistent Systems and the unparalleled wisdom of a data veteran.


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