Pune’s Financial Results for Quarter 2

India’s uptick in growth in the second quarter has been unusually sharp. Indian listed companies have shown dramatic growth in both sales and profit. Sales in Q2FY20 have reached 22.94L crore, an almost 30% increase from Q1FY20 when sales were at 17.71L crore. On year on year basis, sales decreased only by 3.19%, from Q2FY20. Profits in Q2FY20 were 1.82L crore, going up by a staggering 521% from Q1 at 29 thousand crores and increasing by 125% YoY from 80.68 thousand in Q2FY20.

The economic research unit at MCCIA studied the earnings of listed companies in Pune with a minimum of 500 crore turnover. With a data set of 25 companies, our team has compared aggregate data for Pune with India wide earnings.

Pune’s companies have ended September much better than quarter 1 showing an aggregate sale of 41 thousand crores and an aggregate net profit of 5.5 thousand crores. The QoQ change in sales and net profit was dramatic at an aggregate of 71% in sales and 89% in net profit. Along with this, although sales have fallen on a YoY basis standing at -4.5% aggregate, net profit has increased by 34% aggregate in comparison with FY20.

In comparison with Indian results for Q2, these 25 companies have contributed to about 2% of aggregate sales and 3% of aggregate net profits which is exceptional considering that 3345 companies have declared results India wide.

Pune companies have not done as well as the rest of India Inc in terms of YoY profits with Pune companies aggregate net profits at a 34% increase and India Inc at 125% increase. However, the positive number itself is encouraging considering the YoY loss in sales at a negative 4.5%.

As far as the manufacturing sector is concerned, Pune companies saw QoQ growth of about 90% and YoY loss of about 7% in sales and QoQ growth of 118% and YoY growth of about 50% in net profit. In comparison with this, at an all India level the manufacturing sector grew by 52% QoQ in sales and by 264% QoQ in net profit. Pune companies have also shown huge growth in both sales and profit though the growth in profits is not quite as high as at an all India level.



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